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Sustainable development

Over the years, Lepage Millwork has been moving forward in a more green direction. A small difference changes everything.

Our Environmental Commitment 

100% of all wood waste in the manufacturing of our wood products is used to generate heat and steam for our production facilities.

All cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum scrap and glass waste are sent to the proper recyclers.

Product delivery schedules are thoroughly planned in order to maximize the space in each delivery truck, minimizing the amount of trips made.

Production supplies are purchased in bulk from vendors that are located close to the facilities, thus limiting the amount of exhaust pollution into our atmosphere.

Our Commitment to Community

Lepage is very much involved in many different social activities in its region. Whether it's for health and well-being, a no poverty objective, quality education, sports, arts or infrastructures, we have a commitment to support our community with related endeavors.


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